Rosemary Oil Treatment Night!

So I was not going to write tonight or do pretty much anything, but I got inspired by my first commenters and I found some new energy to continue with my new regimen. So thanks guys! I was also excited today because I made my first purchase of essential oils for my hair: ROSEMARY! It is known to be good for hair growth and Lords know I want to promote that so I decided to place my first purchase in the growth department.

Now I am going to be honest and tell you that I am one of those naturals who is addicted to products. And yes I also hope to wake up the next day and have hair down to my ass, but I do live in reality from time to time and although I do believe it is possible for me to have hair down to my ass (though not anytime soon) I also now realize that I can and must do something to assist the process. I am also one of those transitioners who have searched the net high and low looking for any tips, tricks, or advice anyone has to offer regarding being au natural. What I have found is a WHOLE heck of a lot of information and most of it not very clear though extremely informative. I have names for products but not complete names or I am given the names of oils, but no real instructions on where to purchase them or even how to use them. Then there are times I run across mixtures such as glycerin and water mixtures in posts and I am thinking what the heck? So I am hoping that I am better able to provide assistance to those transitioning without having to go to tons of sights.

So back to the treatment on my hair for tonight. It is a rosemary essential oil (by NOW) (about 5 to 6 drops, can’t remember exactly sorry), 1 cup of olive oil and that is it. Seems too simple, huh. Well I am learning less is more and although I will be mixing and matching more in the future to begin I want to be cautious and truly learn what I am doing and what works for my hair without having to regrow a full head of hair each time something goes wrong. One thing that surprised me today that had not been mentioned in any YouTube videos I had watched or any blogs or posts I had viewed, was the fact that some of the essential oils that are referred to may not be able to be applied directly to your skin or scalp and must be diffused through transfer oils. Yep, it’s true I promise. Some examples of these “transfer oils” are: almond oils, jojoba oils, or olive oil. I am sure there are more but at the moment I am not aware of them, but as I learn I will definitely keep you updated.

I would also strongly suggest that any products any of you decide to do please do your OWN research not necessarily relaying on any of us who advertise or reference products and ideas because at the end of the day all of us are different and each of our bodies will react differently to different items. I am also one of those suspicious peoples (and yes I am aware that I typed peoples) that wonder how much of what I view on YouTube is actually truth. What I mean by this is those girls with the TWA (like NO hair) who in two months literally have (3 to 4 inches)…is this truly the length check and time we believe or has it been altered. Being a college student who has taken computer classes, media classes, and production classes believe me it is a lot easier to do today than you would ever imagine. Literally you can be anyone and anything you want to be on the net now and the sad truth is the natural hair industry is beginning to really generate quite a bit of attention as well as money growth potential. So this is why I strongly encourage you to develop your own routine and your own hair growth journey, please let no one else’s story and journey be yours because at the end of the day it is not.

Okay sorry got off topic again, but back to the rosemary and olive oil mixture. I literally took my fingers and dipped them in the mixture and rubbed it into my scalp and on the ends of my kinky twists (about a week ago I put my own kinky twists in, YAY!). I then placed two shower caps on, turned the heat on in my apartment, shut the bathroom door, and turned on my shower as hot as I could get it and performed a twenty minute steam shower to also steam my hair. I will try the baggy method tonight for the first time as well. By this I mean I will sleep in the shower caps as well as my satin wrap, placing the wrap over the shower caps. Tomorrow morning I will wash it out and go, letting my twists air dry and I may even do it again tomorrow, who knows. =)

Pictures of products and finish production included. 😉

One of my magic mixtures (hopefully)Bertolli Extra Virgin Olive Oil Rosemary Essential Oil

2 thoughts on “Rosemary Oil Treatment Night!

  1. Make sure you are using a high quality rosemary oil. If you need to know where to find it – let me know. You know oils and herbs are my forte and a future blog I plan to start this year. :))

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