Fundraising, Activism, and Who Gets Paid

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The Bias

Donating Effectively To Feminist Projects

Header image: “Money” by Martina TR. CC-BY.I work in an industry where women are underrepresented, undervalued, and underpaid. Even the notorious boys’ clubs that are corporate board rooms and venture capitalist firms agree that something ought to be done about it, and plenty of people are happy to donate to projects that seek to address the problem.

When you’re interested in donating money to help improve conditions for women in tech, however, you need to be aware that clueless and unscrupulous people will take advantage of your good intentions to line their own pockets. Before you donate, assess projects with a critical eye. What is the project runner’s track record? What’s their angle? Who are they centering? Who’s getting paid?

The answers to these questions will help you separate ethical, effective attempts to change our community from attempts to cash in…

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