Consolidation is Not A Bad Thing

Over the past few years as I have taken this journey to become natural I discovered a lot about myself. I jumped into this running head first, and I decided to plan and honestly think things through as I went. Not the best idea. I have been all over the place these last three years, and I have not accomplished much of anything. I have a host of ideas and projects that I have been working on, but they were not coming together the way I had hoped. Of course, that should have been expected since I had not planned properly.

I made a decision to sit back and evaluate not only my life, but my game plan for life, especially with 30 knocking on my door. I have three beautiful and wonderful children I am responsible for raising. I want them to see a strong, black woman who was able to create an empire for them (at least that is my goal). At the very least, I want to be able to put them through college and have been an exceptional experience for them. I have been to school, several times in fact, but because I did not have clear goals defined it has not benefited me much. Until now!

With the birth of my youngest and third child, I realized that the not having a plan routine was not going to work anymore. So I signed up to take a Certified Nursing Assistant class that I qualified to take for free (only fifteen were chosen). I took the course as insurance, as well as thinking that there was a strong possibility that I would not pass the course. After all the course was only eight weeks long, weekly tests, daily quizzes, and daily homework. Did I mention we had to maintain a 75% weekly average? This not an easy class to complete and as I progressed through the course I realized that I was not the only one struggling to make it through. We, as a class, were determined, and we did complete the course, each and every last one of us as well as passing our State Boards. I was even more impressed with myself as I completed the course with a 94%. Not bad, huh?I began to re-think everything that I had thought about before, and I started to gain clarity. I began to find out what I truly like and want to have incorporated into my life. As I wrote down ideas, researched thoughts, and realized new goals it amazed me how many of my passions and interests went together. I was not as much of a mess as I had thought; I just needed to organize my thoughts and goals. I also realized I had too many things going on and had separated too many things that could co-exist together, leading to this post and the changes that you all will see in 2015.

At the same time, I created Exotic.Roots I also began a journey of discovering myself, and I recorded some of that journey in my blog, DomSharee (you can check the blog out here: As you will probably notice, I did not maintain this blog too much either. Sometimes that happens though while one is traveling. I am now at yet another fork in my road of life, and I realized that the journey of becoming natural and finding myself was actually one complete trip. Why I had separated the two journeys, I am not sure, but I see now why it was so hard to manage both of these journeys. I had thoughts scattered over here on this post, then some scattered on the DomSharee blog, and then some scattered on yet other blogs (if you can believe that).I started improvement programs and self-help programs but did not complete them as well as finding myself at my highest weight ever in my life and a very unhealthy state. I have made changes though, and the changes are INCREDIBLE! I did not want just to type some things up and never get around to them. My first step, after getting my certificate as a CNA, was to lose weight. I have become my own fitness trainer and since my three weeks of beginning I have lost approximately twenty pounds (you can never actually trust your “at home scales”) and I feel GREAT! I also enrolled at the Institute of Integrative Health and I am on my way to becoming a health coach. You see, I know I have to exercise and that was the easy part to figure out, but the eating right…well that was not so easy. I am happy to say that I was proactive though and I learned about this school and decided why not go for it. I learn not only about nutrition, but whole body health, individualized health.

I do plan on offering my services, in the future, and I am also re-creating another dream and business I had launched previously. There are some steps I must take first, as anyone must do when starting a business or offering one’s services. With that said, I have decided to consolidate my Exotic.Roots and DomSharee blogs into one. The idea is to keep the design of Exotic.Roots as I still love it, but to change the name to DomSharee and have my journey on one platform. So instead of just focusing on natural hair I plan to focus on whole body health. This is a great benefit to creating content will not be so hard and tedious, as there is much repetition in the natural hair community that is becoming a huge pet peeve of mine. I have also learned that to have an entirely healthy natural hair journey you HAVE to have full body healthy. Being unhealthy in all or other areas of your life, but having healthy hair does not make much sense. Does it? I firmly believe that you cannot have a beautiful, full, head of healthy hair without being a complete, beautiful, healthy person.

I want to take a moment to thank all of my readers for taking this wild ride with me and I hope that you all stick around for the new trip…I think you’ll love it. Let me know your ideas, thoughts, and suggestions in the comments. If there is something you want to see or a concept you want information about let me know because I want this to be about you this time, not just me. I look forward to all of the exciting changes coming your way! Please stay tuned!

One Love,


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