20 Minutes of Fitness

I’ve started a new self-love journey. Today is officially my first day! (Yay me!) You see I found myself sitting up counting all the things I disliked about me and well I found the list not only ridiculously long, but ridiculous in general. I am the type of person that I hate complaining when I feel there is something I can do about it. So with that said the next 30 days I will be posting various articles and reblogs that I am using during this journey. Hopefully you’ll find the articles not only useful for you, but life changing.

This article is written by a sister and a friend. I have recently starting doing HIITs and as soon as I saw this I knew this is going to kick my a**! No joke, since the last time I worked out doing HIITs I haven’t worked out since. Now I know that is probably not very convincing; however, the fact that they worked my a** out that much let’s me know that if I stop being a lazy, fat a** these workouts will probably help kill the last of this stubborn baby fat I am trying to get off. With that said…give this a try, and head over to her page and let her know how much you enjoyed the workout. I’ll be looking forward to the comments.

Holistic - Healthy - Happy

Circuit RoutineHere’s a quick 20 minute routine I’ve found, tried, and want to share with you guys!  It’s pretty fab!  Try it out one day and tell me what you think!  I’d give it like a 60 – 90 second pause between each circuit.  Yes, this will make it just a touch longer than 20 minutes, but you will need a short break between going through in my opinion.

So… get to it!  And tell me what you think!

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