The Art of Burping

858945_10100717255227178_870544179_oAs parents,  there are A LOT of accomplishments that really gets our goats! Whereas it is hard as hell to feel confident or happy about personal accomplishments, get us to do something as a parent that we thought was impossible, beyond our doing, or just a small feat and people will we brag! Or maybe this is just me, but I am definitely about to have one of those moments!


For some,  the art of burping is quite is easy even if a bit time consuming while for others it is a tedious task that takes forever and seems to elude us no matter what methods we employ. For me,  it has certainly been the latter sentiment…until recently! With my first daughter (who is now six years old) burping her was one of my most dreaded tasks and no matter how hard I worked at mastering burping it never went right with her and I. Well honestly the entire feeding task didn’t go well for her and I. After three days at home,  my young, angelic daughter took a turn for the worst that caused me at times to question her angelic status in my head and think about consulting a priest for help instead of a pediatrician. After months of countless doctors visits, social workers assessing me, and numerous late night pit stops at the nearest ER my oldest daughter was diagnosed with an intolerance to milk in ANY kind! This resulted in me having to obtain a specific prescription from the doctor ever three months, calling a pharmacy three days ahead of time to place an order, wait for this special formula to be shipped into the city where I lived, and once W.I.C stopped paying to fork up an additional $40.00 per can of formula until W.I.C kicked back in.

860291_10100690057396848_1773720025_oEven with her intolerance being diagnosed, I still had quite the chore getting her to burp, if at all. I grew to resent the arm muscles built up and aching from the constant patting of twenty to thirty minutes of continually and persist patting with the reward of complete silence and knowledge that the hiccups, dreaded gas, or uncontrollable spit-up episodes were about to plague my child and I for the next three to four hours all  because of my inability to properly evoke a burp out of my young and precious gift. So now that I am finding the joy of going on this journey of motherhood yet again, starting over from the beginning, I am determined to kick the burp’s ass in its face. I have researched, questioned, and copied other people’s advice and various  methods for burping. Someone sees me doing it wrong they can easily stop the cries for help in my eyes as I watch them watch me botch the job. A lot of my support system this second time around are trying to give me room to truly enjoy myself this time and allow me to learn naturally, but to that I say: “PLEASE STOP TORMENTING me and MY CHILD!”

I freely and openly admit that I suck at burping and the few times recently that I have managed to hear that golden sound from my child I feel as though I have just won an Olympic Gold Medal! Not sure if I am alone in this troubling predicament or not but just thought I would share one of earth’s greatest mysteries (at least to me) with you all. Who knows maybe one of you will be able to unlock that untouchable world of burping to me. On a more positive note,  I did watch my first Baby Einstein, “Barn” edition with my little sweetheart, and it was quite the most pleasant experience watching her watch her first show. =) Being on the rather broke side of things right now I did go on YouTube to find some of the Baby Einstein clips to show her and was again pleasantly surprised by the number of free clips available to us! So I would certainly suggest this method to any mothers on a limited budget but wanting the benefits of the Baby Einstein collection. Until next time…mama-y-bb-1113fg-v-914

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