Time to Revisit Ms. Taren Guy

taren-guy-1So here I am going over my stats for my blog, all excited over the increased traffic, and pingbacks and such when I notice that the most viewed post is the Taren916 review. Now let me tell you I was still excited and thinking…”…gee people love her curls as much as I do!” That was until I saw the search topics. When I originally posted her review there were some negative comments left that I wanted to address as well, but I never found the time to, so for the new year my first post is going to address those comments and the ignorance women continue to want to indulge in. 


First I would like to know why, oh why, is it so important and imperative for some of you to search and try to find information regarding Taren’s children and her current situation pertaining to them? Are you going to support them? Supply the love you feel that they may be missing? Are you the children’s father and you have an issue with her parenting skills? Or are you just trying to hate and have something to talk about because you are unhappy with your own current situations and the only way you can find to fix your own inner issues is by trying to take away someone else’s happiness and success? I can say this because I know how you feel and I have been there, where I was so bitter I just wanted to inflict pain and hatred on someone else who was where I desired to be. The thing is I learned the hard way that it gets you no where. You are not a better person for it, you don’t shine brighter, and all that hating does not get you any closer to where you want to be. If anything you just cause that person to shine more, brighter, and reach even greater heights while you, my dears, are still in that same dark place.

I read those comments and they were so ugly and the thing that gets me the most is that there are THOUSANDS upon THOUSANDS of deadbeat fathers who don’t even attempt to be in their children’s lives, let alone better themselves for their children, yet many of you women wanting to judge Taren are quick to jump into bed and relationships with these men, praising their dirty drawers. Some of you will even encourage these men not to do for their children because you cannot stand the children’s mother, forgetting completely that there are children involved. It is an awesome world we live in that men are able to be so picky and choosy about the women they date when over half of them don’t deserve the standards they are requesting and desiring out of a woman; and the ones that do deserve a good woman will take one no matter what her past is or her situation with her children because she is a good woman. As women we spend entirely too much time attempting to tearing each other down and apart and my question is simple: WHY?! What do you accomplish in the end besides looking bitter, over-opinionated, and like a hater. Real talk. Woman to woman.


I am even going to go one step further and let you all know before you start digging that I have an older daughter and she was taken from me when she was one by my adoptive parents and I have been fighting to get her back every since then. I have been judged and re-judged by people who have absolutely no clue about who I am or even the reasons to the point that I have lost jobs, had people try to withhold my child from me at her school, make ignorant comments, and the list goes on. The funny part is I have never used street drugs, never been a prostitute, never left my child alone, never had one founded DCFS report on me yet and I have been investigated over twenty times. Now the woman who has my daughter…well she has numerous reports on her, even her biological children have testified to her abuse of children, her grandchildren have as well, at the ones she bothers to have anything to do with, and the numerous foster children she has abused; yet she is given more children through the system and allowed to keep mine. Let me the first to tell you all that you know NOTHING about another person’s life and struggle unless you are THERE. Researching, hearsay, gossip, and assuming is not knowing and even when you think you know you still don’t know. That perhaps is the reason why God states that only He can judge you and perhaps we as women need to allow the Lord to do that and start praising and uplifting one another for our accomplishments and seeing how we can all be a more positive and bright light in the world, as Taren as done and continues to do.


Taren didn’t have to open up and share her life and world with the viewers and judgmental people out there, but she had the courage and the will to do it and she did. You know what, she has made a true difference in people’s lives too! There are people out there today that have so much positive to say about this woman that it is ridiculous, and I am one of them. Heck even the fact that she has three kids and still does what she does is an inspiration to me because guess what I also have three kids…with two different baby daddies and may even have a fourth with yet a different father. That is not going to stop my fly though nor my success or me from achieving my dreams, goals, and aspirations while raising three beautiful, intelligent, amazing children. I for one applaud Taren and would like to send her a shout-out: “Girl, keep doing what you do and stay fly while doing it,” and for her haters…get a life please.

I wanted to get this post out before I left for my prenatal appointment so editing and photo adding, as well as link adding will be done when I return home. I do hope this message reaches somebody’s heart and soul though and we all as women begin to learn how to support on another versus tear each other down. We are better than this and have so much more to offer the world than this! Until next time…

Peace, love, & happiness!

All photos were found via Google.com

6 thoughts on “Time to Revisit Ms. Taren Guy

  1. You can keep being a blind follower to this tramp but some of us are more enlightened. She is pregnant again, for a 4th time, out of wedlock by a married man. Are you going to do like the other dumb and gullible followers of hers and spew that “Don’t judge” bs all because you are so enamored by her hair.

    What if she was pregnant by your man? I bet you wouldn’t be as supportive then would you? Open your eyes. Taren is no role model and she should learn to keep her legs closed to married men and work on getting custody of her kids instead of trying to be something she is not on social media and the Internet.

    • Honey I am my own person and I choose to use my OWN mind. I am not going to sit here and judge a woman on he/she say bs. That is a matter between her, her man, and his supposed wife. Screw her hair, I cannot stand judgmental human women who tear others down about something that is none of their damn business. Go get a life and if you don’t like her stop talking and thinking about her.

    • So yeah, I have to eat my words. I will be addressing this situation in another post, but I did want to say that although I stand by my reasoning behind what I posted here; after careful research and evaluating the situation for myself I cannot in good conscious promote her endeavors at the moment. For me and I think for many it has come to a point where Taren has some explaining to do. It saddens me that someone I admired has taken my trust (and money) and used it for her personal gain. I have been waiting for months for her to address something, anything and instead it just keeps getting worse. I pray for her and will continue to do so and I pray that she will at some point address all that is out there.

  2. I was shocked when I recently found out about all of this because I used to trust and look up to her. I’m not a hateful person, however my head isn’t in the clouds either. Some behavior is simply unacceptable. I’m sad about the harm she has done to her children. The children are the most important people in this picture, not Taren. I don’t see how people turn a blind eye when others do something terrible. You deserve to be judged the second that you hurt an innocent person.

    With that said it’s not as if she can’t redeem herself. I hope that she gets her life in order and provides the mothering and security that all of her children need. Until she steps up and proves herself not to be trash she doesn’t deserve sympathy. Her children deserve the sympathy.

  3. She really should explain taking people’s money and then want to have the nerve to ask for more money for Areya TV, thats just poor business practice. Who she is sleeping with and all the other parties involved is their business, but this money ish, she need to speak up on. What happened to the money for Faces of Autism? Hell, what happened to Faces of Autism??

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