Joke On Me

Alcohol JokeI am the butt of the joke. Just about every time, and if I’m not, my life is. At first it was something I really, really hated! With a passion! I felt as though the whole world was laughing at me even when, in my opinion, nothing was funny. As the years went on and I continued to be the butt of the joke, well, somewhere along the way I not only learned to accept it, I embraced it. The challenge I am writing on today can be found here and it’s all about the funny man or well woman in my case. When I first read this challenge again corny came to mind, but as I began to think about the questions presented I relieved this was yet another challenge I actually grew to embrace.

Math Joke

I have always had dry wit and with the life I have lived my options of how to deal with difficult situations became quite limited. My choices were either to cry or laugh. Let me tell you after eighteen years of crying, you tend to get tired, your eyes get puffy, your face swollen, and at some point your tear ducts just give out. I would sit and try to cry, really I would, but my body just wouldn’t produce the tears. So I knew I had to do something to let the frustration, pain, and emotions out or I ran the risk of literally blowing up…exploding all over the place. During these trials and tribulations I came across quite a few people who I grew to care about and trust and felt that it was okay to open up to them, BUT I was worried I would scare them off with the horror stories of my life. Quickly and creatively thinking I learned to tell these trusted people about my life, but to show the joy (or at least pretend to show the joy) I got out of the anything but comical situations.vomit joke

Like for instance the time when my dear, ole, adoptive mother decided to send my jeans to the dry cleaners so that they could be properly creased. Now it was embarrassing enough I


was the only kid in high school wearing creased jeans, but it really didn’t help once I got to school and realized that besides a crease the cleaners had also managed to sour my clothes. So I walked around with a nice pair of sour, creased jeans. The only way to save face…own up to being the one causing everyone in the crowd to frown trying to locate the smell that was causing them to fidget and feel extremely uncomfortable. Or the time when I received a good old fashion butt-whooping in front of my entire class and half the school. Only way to save face…was to say I planned it that way. I mean who doesn’t want the whole school to know what I look like when getting the life beat out of my ass during lunch recess. Or the time when my date and high school sweetheart brought another date to prom, but was kind enough to make sure all three of us was wearing the same color. Then there was of course the time I was kind enough to pay this same sweetheart’s phone bill, only to call him the moment I knew it was back on to get sent to the voicemail which he had so kindly dedicated to his other girlfriend. My solution…I grabbed a monopoly board and walked two miles in the summer during one of the most humid days of the year to fall into my girlfriends’ arms. Of course it was quite funny, but I have always managed to react to life as though I am the next Halle Berry.

funny_short_people_revenge_speckcase-p176089416946468637bhar2_400The crazy part…is that people laugh, I mean belly rumbling, laugh out loud until tears crawl down your face, laughing at my stories. They would of course feel bad which only led to the situation being even more funny, especially when I would step in to assure them that it was okay to laugh…cause I sure in hell did as often as I could muster a laugh out of me. Now when I tell my story there is usually a room full of laughing people and though the stories I share are quite true and anything but funny, I learned to turn the pain and hurt into something positive. You wanna hear a funny story…I’m your girl to turn to. I can take the worst situation (yes, even funerals…still trying to decide whether this is good or bad) into one of the funniest stories you have ever heard. Honestly I think of my funny talent as a gift from the turmoil life tends to hand me and that perhaps I missed my calling as a stand up comedian. Humor is my escape and the way I turn an ugly day into an outrageously funny ending. And let me tell you nothing feels better and can cheer you up faster than a good, belly rumbling, deep on the inside laugh. Now if only I can figure out how to harness this laughter and tackle my anger with it. I will be a truly amazing individual then…Katt Williams won’t have nothing on my ass.

3 thoughts on “Joke On Me

  1. Let me start by saying it’s too bad that I can’t add images to my comments because I have so many appropriate ecards for this one!!

    Laughter is the best medicine. I laugh at myself all the time. No one is perfect and I am the poster child for this. And I laugh at funerals too. Laughing through the tears, it’s my favorite emotion. I’ve wondered if I was jacked in the head for this, but have convinced myself of a couple things:

    1. God has a sense of humor. He must. (I have joking reasons and factual reasons to back up my opinion.)
    2. When I’m gone, I hope everyone is laughing. Remembering fun times, stupid things I’ve done, and the fact that I am off this ride called earth and on my way to a better place.

    We all travel along Debbie Downer Drive from time to time, but don’t stay there longer than it takes you to use the rest stop. Then exit onto Positive Parkway and don’t look back.

    We have choices. You can choose to defeat or be defeated. Life is hard. No one ever promised rainbows, unicorns, and fairies. Bootstraps and big girl panties every day!!

    “What people think of me is none of my business.”

    Don’t allow people to live rent free in your head. Once you stop spending energy on the undeserving, you will resolve your anger issues.

    “What you allow is what will continue.”

    When you let things anger you, you are giving them power. What you don’t realize is that the power you are giving it by allowing it to bother you is causing the anger.

    “Life is so much easier now that I’ve decided not to give a F!”

    Don’t mean to sound too preachy, but Jesus couldn’t please the entire world, what makes you think you can? You’ll never make the whole world happy, so why not focus on being happy and loving yourself and the people who love you?

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