Ode to My Chucks…Who Doesn’t Love a Good Ole Pair of Chucks

So I am in the mood for writing, but I need structure so I figured to start I would work on the laundry and extremely long list of daily challenge posts I have been collecting and saving for the past year. Ironically I am starting with today’s challenge and though I find topics such as the one I am about to embark on kind of boring and pointless to write on, I found this one rather interesting. The reason for this is because I actually do have a pair of shoes that I just absolutely ADORE. A few days ago I was going through my closet and as I was throwing shoes and clothes over my shoulder like a crazy mad woman my eyes stopped on my dear, ole, beat up, and overly run down pair of black, white, and pink chucks. As I looked at these shoes I became somewhat teary eyed and they brought a soft smile to my face that hasn’t popped up in weeks.converse-chuck-taylor-all-star-colorful-leopard-hi-2-600x399

Sad, right? How could one pair of shoes evoke so much emotion and love out of a human being. Well it is easy, but not as easy to explain. As a child I was not allowed to dress as I wanted nor did I receive many items new or that were in style. As an adult I developed a different kind of style and be damned to anyone who doesn’t care for it. That’s where my love for chucks came to be ignited. From the moment I laid eyes on those flat, chunky, funky, different, high-top, coolness walking on air, sneakers I knew I had found my match in a pair of shoes. I wore these shoes through two years of college, a loving and crazy job, heck I even sported them to church under my Sunday finery (much to the dismay of those attending with me).

converse-chuck-taylor-hardware-01I remember my birthday last year. So clearly. My child’s father was taking me and my oldest daughter out for my birthday and I had placed a beautiful sundress on, best beat, make-up face possible, and guess what…yep…my good ole trusty pair of chuck taylors. As I was leaving my sister questioned if I knew what shoes I had on, then she incorrectly assumed I only wore them for the journey to the restaurant. With the brightest smile possible I politely corrected her and skipped out to meet my then boyfriend. He immediately did a once over and his eyes immediately stopped at the shoes. In his quiet and calm sort of way he asked “You don’t have any heels to put on?”  You see just a few months earlier he had attempted to bribe me into throwing my loves away.

During one of our late night chats he asked me if he purchased me another pair of shoes, no matter what they were, would I be willingly to throw away my chucks. I sweetly said yes while mentally asking the Lord for forgiveness for my white lie. Well he wasn’t easily put off, he then forced me to promise. So with toes crossed I again coyly and sweetly complied. Needless to say when he looked down at my feet that birthday that night came rushing back to him, especially since he had presented me with a new pair of shoes the very same night. This pair of shoes still sits in my closet and will forever have a place there. Every time I look at them I remember some fond memory and for me putting them on is like returning home, time and time again.

For those wanting to participate in the challenge or just want to know what the heck I am doing…you can find the post about this challenge here.

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