Confession (I Hate My Curls)

2013-05-07 08.51.19

So no matter how good a start I get or how I manage to get on a roll (cause I have tons of ideas brainstormed) nothing seems to take off quite the way I need it to. Well to be cheesy and with the in crowd I did do some soul searching, especially during the month of January and even more intensely during this month. This deep thought led to a deep, dark secret that I can admit I have been quite afraid to admit. You see despite all the hype, despite all the blogs, reviews, products, and compliments I still am the one who…hates my curls. *gasp*! That’s right, you read right…I hate my curls.

Learning to Deal

Despite the fact that I have not acquired the love I wish I had, the love that I have for Hair Chime’s curls, and Taren916’s curls, and Shamelessly Mya’s curls, and ColorMeBeauitufl, (and the list could go on and on) I have this great admiration and love for these ladies curls, yet I cannot find it for my own. No matter how I twirl, curl, and mold my hair I have not found the love I need to have in order to not do something stupid. The funny part is despite not falling deeply and madly in love with my curls just yet I still find that I refuse to go back to that liquid crack. Now there’s an oxymoron if I’ve ever seen one!


Instead of giving up I have been wearing protective styles or rather a bunch of wigs (which I will be posting reviews this year, promise); however, I am at that stage in my journey where something needs to give. Despite having the protective styles rockin’ for me I still do not have a hair care regimen or products that I “swear by” just yet. So the plan for this year is to revisit and rethink my journey and continue it in a different manner.2013-06-23 20.25.55

Time for a plan!

After much careful thought and consideration instead of going back to the crack and subjecting my hair to all kinds of tortuous heat styling I am going to get a funky cut and try the route of developing a shape to my hair and learning what does work and doesn’t. Instead of spending time learning about others curls I am going to take 2013 as the year to explore and learn MY curls. I know for me personally that perhaps this is where I made my biggest mistake (despite all the warnings!), I fell in love with others curls. And that my friends (especially my friends who are new to this journey), is the biggest mistake! Do not look to others and long for their curls because you will indeed become quite envious and set your mind to having their curls instead of learning to love your own. This also perhaps one of the biggest reasons I have not been able to keep up with this blog or even start the natural hair programs I would to see here in the Midwest for my fellow naturals, but that is all about to change.2013-11-22 02.05.39

For a start I am heading to a new salon in Mt. Zion located in Illinois to try a new salon that specializes in curls. I am told that the lady they have doing the cut is an expert and is good with natural, African American hair. I am hoping to post a YouTube video of my experience as well as writing a blog entry about it. I am also in the midst of planning a mixer for my city (a small town with a lot of naturals) and again I will be posting a YouTube video and an entry about the planning and the success of the event. More posts are coming as well. So thanks for continuing this slow, but steady journey with me and I look forward to seeing what 2013 holds for all of us naturals. And please don’t tell me the secret, after all what kind of natural doesn’t like her own curls?!

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