Great Stretching Technique, But SOOOO Not Gonna Happen

hair_banding_tiesSoooooo! I have been crying and pleading and stressing how I need to find a stretch method that will work for me. Preferably something that will not take too long (key element here, didn’t realize how important until being introduced to the stretching method I am about to introduce to you), has great stretch potential, and doesn’t use a lot of heat. Well two out of three of my wishes came true but the missing one was definitely a tie breaker!

I subscribe to CurlyNikki. This is a website packed with a ton of information for curlies and is definitely a great place to network or just acquire other curly friends. I highly recommend this website for anyone considering transitioning or who have. But I digress. I was checking my overstuffed email accounts and in one of Mrs. Nikki’s daily emails there was an article about stretching hair. This mother, Nadine, has a YouTube channel about natural curls and two, lovely natural daughters. In her blog she demonstrates how she is able to stretch her daughter’s hair without using heat. She also thoroughly explains why she has chosen this method, why it works best for her, the benefits, and a brief history about the method. The videos is not that long and honestly is definitely worth the watch even if you are like me and likely too lazy to ever attempt this method.

My understanding of the process is that basically you section the hair, plait the hair, and once plaited sew thread into the hair in it’s stretched out state to assist with keeping the hair stretched while it is drying in this natural way. For me I would LOVE to have these stretched results on my own hair, but quite honestly that is extremely time consuming! I would love to learn to sew again or learn how to sew period, but I just don’t have the time for that; so to say I would commit to stretching my hair using this method or even say I am going to attempt this stretching method at least once, would be a bald-faced lie. Sorry, just some truth. Now will I be perhaps tempted to try this method with my daughters once their hair gets longer, perhaps and very likely because we will sacrifice and do for our children, but tend to also sacrifice things for ourselves. In my case I don’t mind.Hair-Band-Final

I wanted to still make this video available though because her results are amazing and much better and healthier for our curly hair for those loving a stretched look (apparently I don’t love it as much as I thought I did). The link for Nadine’s YouTube channel, GirlsLoveYourCurls, and for the YouTube  video are included within this post and if I am able to get this right, I will also have a copy of the video posted below.

Now ya’ll know I am a Taren916 superfan so I could not end this article without mentioning and including her newest YouTube video, Steam Rollers on Natural Hair. When I first saw this email I did not think that it would be a style I would truly be interested in, but once I watched it…LADIES, oh my GOODNESS! I LOVE the finished product and I WILL be attempting this style. In Taren’s latest video she shares her recent experience at the Hair Rules Salon in New York where she gets a roller set with the use of steam rollers. When you girls she her hair after Dickey has finished I believe many of you will be desiring this style as well. So leave your thoughts, comments, or suggestions and tell me how you feel about either video.All images were found via

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