I’m Back…Welcome Back, Welcome Back, Welcome Back!

232323232-fp83232-uqcshlukaxroqdfv8629=ot-2345=-6;=-83=XROQDF-2-7336967623-ot1lsiAs you may have noticed or perhaps not I have been absent for quite some time. Not at all the way I envisioned this blog’s journey going this year, but life happens and sometimes you just have to roll the way it takes you. To give some of an explanation I will share that I did recently just give birth to my second, beautiful, angelic, intelligent, and amazing baby girl. This coming as a complete shock seeing as I was told that I was not able to have anymore children. Due to this unexpected, but amazing surprise I went through quite the transition in my life. I am now at a place where life has leveled out and I am abundantly blessed and uncharacteristically happy and I write about all of this in my new blog: http://juicymomma.wordpress.com/. If you’re interested in learning more about me or just need inspiration check it out sometime.

One thing that did stay the same and I was able to maintain was my natural hair! Yes, in one of the hardest periods or times in my life I finally kept to a promise I made to myself and did not give up! As of September 30, 2012 I have been natural three years! YAY! So I definitely want to get back to blogging and learning more; especially since I have two little angels now to join me in the naturals club! My hair has definitely experienced MAJOR growth as well as quite a bit of thickening. Pictures will be attached, so in other words you should be seeing them. Although I maintained my natural hair I really did not maintain the care I had begun when I finally started rocking my natural hair last September. Now we all prenatal vitamins are a great source of hair growth and that is what I contribute much of my growth to, BUT now I want to see if I can maintain this rate of growth. I will be honest and admit that I did have major temptation to cut my hair and relax it; especially after seeing Chrissy’s BEAUTIFUL do on Chrissy and Mr. Jones. I resisted though once I saw how long my hair has grown and wore my hair in a puff for the first time (as pictured).

I did recently purchase the new Organic Roots Curls Unleashed products (or rather some of them) and a couple of items from the new Cantu natural hair line. Reviews will be coming soon, but I will say as of now the only results I see is a whole new level of white flakiness. This is my biggest challenge as a natural hair sista, finding products that works for my 4B hair and knowing how to use them as well as combine them. I also am on a quest to find out the best way to stretch my naturally, coiled, long hair where the length can be displayed at times. Another struggle I am battling with is learning to love the curl pattern I have been gifted with. I will admit that I get curl envious quite often still. For instance, Taren916, is my hair idol! If I could have one other, just ONE others’ curl pattern I would jump off a cliff for hers. Yes it is that serious! Check her webpage out http://www.tarenguy.com/#!home/mainPage.

I think you too will be quite impressed with her beautiful, cotton ball, gorgeous curls; however, that was not the curl pattern I was gifted with so I am on the path to learning to learn and love every twist and twirl of my own hair! I know there are tons of tips and lessons I have yet to learn that will help me learn to manage and love my own curl as much as I currently love Taren916’s. Anyone else suffer from this problem as well? I am still a product junkie and have yet to find my “must-have” product, but I am very hopeful that will happen sooner than later.

I have also started another blog, Juicy Momma, chronicling my journey into motherhood a second time and a path of starting over and finding so much. So with all this said welcome back, welcome back, welcome back.

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