A Contest…What the Heck…

    So it just so happens that I checked my email one day at work (which has become very rare with me due to the overwhelming number of them) and I came across this contest that also happens to end today. Now at first I started not to enter the contest, mainly for lack of time; however, there is also this fear that I am still battling with when it comes to my writing. This time though I have decided to once again kick the fear in the butt and give this contest a try.
    I believe that I should win a free year in the Freelance Writer’s Den because I am in desperate NEED of learning how to overcome my fears when it comes to writing. I KNOW I am a gifted writer and that if I could get into a program or even a flow I could overcome many of the obstacles standing in my way. I am a structured learner and though I can write creatively I still need the disclipine and technical skills in order to be successful in this business. The services and learning offered in the Freelance Writers’ Den are exactly some of things that I have been looking for. I have participated and signed up for other services and they have worked great and some have not worked so great, but I like the interaction offered in the Freelance Writers’ Den. I feel that I will be held more accountable for the goals I set and for meeting them in ways that I have not had to in the past.
    Given the resources offered I believe I will be able to begin my freelance career while also bringing greater accomplishments to a business I have become a part of with my best friend. She has been great and deserves the best writers available but I know I am lacking and mainly because of my lack of disclipline. I would also love to tutor children who aspire to be writers. I have so many goals I want to accomplishment but until I gain my skills needed in writing I am basically at a stand still. I also want to found a non-profit organzation to help human trafficking victims and children which will require quite a bit of writing. I want to be able to get these survivors stories out there in order to gain the resources needed to help them. Writing is healing in itself and I want to share this skill with survivors as well in an effort to help them overcome the trials they have been through. Writing has given me a freedom throughout the years from my own trials and pains I have been through. When I write I feel a sense of pride, of healing, of accomplishment, and as though I am leaving my imprint on the world. I now want to gain the skills needed to leave an even bigger imprint that will carry as Anna Frank’s story did or as Dr. Maya Angelou’s will and so many others. Writing is a passion of mine and even if I never accomplish any of my larger goals just being able to write will be a blessing and a gift I will treasure forever!

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