Fear of Being Me…of Writing…of Living…

So my previous post was obviously in response to the challenge of day 1; however, day 2’s challenge does not require a written assignment (lucky me) yet I find that a post or rather link that was included in the challenge’s content has led me to want to write. Now look at that! lol The article/entry that I read (link here) was all about fear and how it holds us back. Though many of us already knows this, how many of us truly recognizes, acknowledges and does something about our fears? I know I don’t. I live in a constant fear of being myself.
 You see I know I have great potential, no doubt! I stand out like a sore thumb no matter where I am, what I do, or how I do it. I am quite the different oddball, but not in a bad way, just in a way where I know I am destined to do more. Yet because of this gift I have found many difficulties in life. These problems have led to me wanting to hide and through hiding I have never explored me. Reflecting on the blog entry and finally acknowledging what I have always known I realize that I have not been happy nor successful perhaps because I have allowed my fear and desire to hide to overcome me. I place the blame on “not liking people” but in truth I know it is because I am not living up to who I am or who I am destined to be that leads to me not wanting to be around people. It has also led to me not doing what it is I believe I am destined to do or at least one of the things I am destined to do. I find it funny that I came across this post today because I was riding with my sister earlier today, looking for a place to live. Somehow we got on the topic of rides and she was surprised to learn that I love to ride amusement park rides and not just any ride but the wild and crazy, scary ones. This is surprising because I have a deathly fear of heights, but I told her “You have to conqueror your fears and stare them straight in the face.” Now it is truly odd that I can say this to her regarding so simple a task as riding amusement park rides yet things that could benefit me and take me far are the things I run away from the quickest.  Facing those fears are not something I seem to ever sat out to do, instead I have always chosen to deal with these fears later, another day. Well I guess today was the day and boy look at me go.

For those of you wondering about the challenge here is a link to it yet again…<img src=”http://goinswriter.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/06/great-writers-. As I said before it’s never too late, so join me and others in becoming a better writer!

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