So…I am a Writer.

Though I am about, hmmmm…seven days late I am here to write my declaration. I am a writer. Yes, I am a writer. I am not just a writer though; I am quite the writer. I am a writer of poetry, stories (short or long alike), blogs, articles, journals, diaries, papers, and so much more.

What makes me quite the writer though is my ability to draw a picture with words. I have the ability to tangle and weave my words in such a way that you, as my audience, has no choice but to clearly understand me and my words. I do this because for most or rather all of my life I have felt as though no one understands me. When I vocalize my thoughts or try to explain myself I leave behind quite a few confused expressions.

So at a young age I picked up a pen and I began to write. I can still remember clearly when I discovered I had the ability to not only captivate my audience, but was able to get them to clearly understand me through my written word. I was a young girl, in the second grade to be exact, and I was given the assignment to create a short story. At this time I also discovered that I have a fascination with twins, but not just twins in general, but identical twins (so much so my childhood sweetheart and first  child’s father is an identical twin).

I essentially created a story, that turned into a series of stories, about two twins; Dally and Pally, and their hysterical day at a haunted house. As part of the assignment we had to read the stories to the class, though I was nervous as any person could ever be, especially in the second grade, I was more than anxious to share  my masterpiece with my class. Soon all that could be heard besides my apparently, extremely funny words was a classroom full of laughter (including the teacher’s). That day I felt so much accomplishment and pride in what I had created, but not only that I realized then that I was a and still am quite the writer.

Below, my fellow readers, you will find a link to the 15 days of writing I am currently engaged in. Interested in learning more or participating click below. As you can see from my rather tardy post, it’s never too late to start! =)

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4 thoughts on “So…I am a Writer.

  1. It is rarely to see writers who are really confident about them selves, maybe we are twins, so if you ever felt being beat up by kids, then its most probably because of me… sorry 🙂
    I wish you a mountain of luck, but I see you don’t need it.

    A. H. Amin

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