*Taren916 Review*

As a natural one of the first things you will discover as a tool to assist you with your journey will be YouTube. I know because just four months before I was sitting where you are. No clue as to what to do, but determined to continue the natural hair journey. I had one advantage though I had “real-life” or rather people I knew as hair idols who introduced me to her inspirations on YouTube (same lady featured in my hair typing entry as type 3 hair model). One of the first Vloggers I came across on YouTube is the infamous Taren916.

Taren916 is a natural hair blogger, vlogger, entrepreneur and more. Some quick facts about Taren916: she is of bi-racial race; she has three children, is a single mother, and resides in New York. The thing that I like most about Taren is the fact that her videos are easy to follow, fun to listen to, and very informative. I also love the fact that she has content, a TON of content (I know, I know I should probably take note). Taren916 also does not just focus on her natural hair journey but instead she focuses on the whole person and the entire transitioning process. Taren has a mixture of type 3b/3c curls that are absolutely beautiful but will definitely make you jealous after about five minutes of looking at them, rapidly falling in love! Trust me I know!

Taren is funny, lively, and definitely talkative, but again the information is so through that anyone looking/listening to her videos will probably not have any questions when they finish the video. She also does reviews on make-up and various other products even wigs; as well as tutorials on how she applies her make-up, style her twist-ups or conditions and treat her hair, plus much more. Now for those who are NOT type 3 it is still beneficial to watch her reviews to learn about products and even to see how they react on her hair so that you have a full spectrum of information to relay on when purchasing products. As far as credibility goes I also believe Taren916 has covered this by extensively researching some of the top hair salons in New York, participating in many blog interviews, accurately journaling her hair journey, working and learning with other natural sistas, and much more in order to learn as much as she can and be as accurate as possible with the information she puts out.

Taren also has created a brand for herself through this natural hair journey which is an inspiration for many in itself. I am including a few pictures from a Google search, a link to an interview, and some other links to her YouTube channel as well as her Twitter account. Final recommendation: CHECK the girl OUT! =) You’ll like her, I promise…for those still wanting other types they are coming so don’t worry. =)





6 thoughts on “*Taren916 Review*

  1. Response to Are single mothers damaged goods.
    Taren you can delete this one too but on that website below are from several other people who don’t know you history but they have an opinion. although you did not want to have commentaries respond to your video because you disabled it you simply told us that what people are saying it true and you don’t want people to know about you.
    why don’t you do the business anymore? why are you lying and saying the guy who considered you a jumpoff is your ex? He was never your ex and you can ask anybody including him which I am sure he has told you many times when he left you in front of the meeting waiting for him to drop you home lol that day was priceless. he said I am not your man find your way home the way you came.

    Taren isn’t mentioning that she was a jumpoff of one of the guys in the business she used to be in. this was as recent as 2years ago. the guy repeatedly told her they were not together and that he was not her man yet she keeps claiming he was. She was calling, texting, e-mailing him until he changed his number and every thing. Taren that is your problem right there you have to know the difference between just being a fuck and being a girlfriend. You should never have made any comments about this topic no wonder you disabled the comment box yet you say that when people make truthful comments about you it does not bother you, yeh right.

    Taren if you were to have kept your legs closed you would not have 3kids for 3 different fathers and I do agree that is a major red flag. the nerve of you to say that men are not equipped to handle a single mother, I beg the differ. Men can handle a hard working, and true single mom but they just can’t handle a whore like you and that’s the truth. If a man loves you regardless of what baggage you are carrying he will be willing to make it work NO excuses, but if you are always so easy and have no class selling yourself all the time no man is going to wife you. On top of that you had had you boys taken away from you and was givin custody to their fathers family all because you were running the streets is very sad. You weren’t even married when you had your 3rd child like come on when are you going to get the big picture? Then you want to blame the men and say that they are not equipped? Bitch go sit the fuck down and close your fucking legs. NO wonder you don’t do the business anymore which is not a surprise because everybody knew that you’s a whore. The guy in the business that used Taren for what she is said that she was still attempting to reach out to him saying that someone broke into her house so he changed his number again a second time. I don’t know if She is still contacting him because he doesn’t mention it when I see him at the meetings, but that just goes to show how Low Taren Guy is willing to go. The guy has moved on back with his wife and she is still trying to get with him. Taren was also contacting other men in the business that also used her as a jumpoff but she is not going to mention that in her videos.

    http://instagr.am/p/Kp2PToSJGR/ FYI this guy that she is referring to is not even working in her area. also when a you get a ticket on you car on the summons has the name of the person who wrote the ticket along with their number.

    I too was a single mom and I joined this business to help myself and make a better future for my kid. I have kept my standard very high along with birth control and I don’t have 3 kids with 3 different fathers. I have been married for 4years now and I am now considering having my second child. Everyone has their own story but you have control as a person to make a better ending if you didn’t get a good start. I have learned from my past mistakes and I moved forward for the better but damn there are just people out there to live up to the statistics of our disgraceful society.

    As for this topic I stand corrected when I say NO not all single moms are damaged goods. There are single moms out there that actually live up to the title as a mother and that is not just because they have brought kids into this world, but because they love and care for their kids like I care for mines. We are not tramps or whores nor jumpoffs or home-wreckers or attempted home-werckers Like Taren Guy. We are the minority of what true single moms are but the majority people like Taren Guy here is what gives us true single moms a bad name. Ho sit the fuck down clean up your act, stop trying to be someone you are not for God sakes you have 3kids now why don’t you try to break the cycle? I feel sorry for her kids they are the ones that are going to suffer the most and it’s so sad because they did not ask to be here with a mother like Taren. It’s probably better for the kids to be with their father’s family, they might have a chance after all


    • First off this post was NOT about the “Are Single Moms Damaged Goods” post, but thank you for rudely posting it on my space. Second I am NOT Taren; however, wouldn’t mind being the woman for a day. I responded to your comments on a post that is dated for today. I know it is a late post, but better late than never. Next time instead of being so quick to spread your hate and ignorance why don’t you first do your research to make sure your comments are relevant to where you are posting them. God bless you still and I do hope you get over your inner issues and find a beautiful place in this world.

  2. Taren guy you ratchet bitch! not surprised 3kids not married different daddies what the fuck you are RACHET! I wonder who your next target is going to be. you are just a loose pussy hoe maybe that guy that you work with. You are such a fucking hoodrat. Who is that guy anyway and why are you so starving for him? Take a hint hoe you have 3kids 3 different daddies and you pussy is loose as shit so men obviously don’t stay with you. If men don’t want you let them be don’t fucking stalk them. you are so fucking starving. Buy a dildo of something. shit!
    time is now 10pm do you now where your 3 baby daddies are? lamo

    • You have some serious, serious issues and I will be praying for you. Also I take great offense to you feeling the need to post your issues on my blog…this is what church and counseling is for. I also have multiple fathers of my children and I don’t know where they are nor do I care to even try to figure it out. I might hire you though because apparently in your spare time you spend it watching and looking over Taren’s life and tracking her every move. Again though God bless you as well, check out the post I wrote today (you should feel special it is all about you two commenters) and I do hope you find peace, love, and happiness.

  3. Dom Sharee, Why are you getting mad because someone chooses not to support Taren? Some of us actually KNOW the truth about Taren and as a result choose not to support her. She has many of you fooled. Most of you are in love with her hair because it is something to which most black females who have gone natural aspire to have. However, she considers herself to be an online media personality and thus is a “brand”. What she failed to do, is protect her brand and left herself open to criticism, which happens to anyone who allows themselves to be an “open book” to people they allow in their lives, whether personally or virtually.

    That said, Taren is now pregnant with her 4th child out of wedlock, and this time by a married man. Some of you might say “Well, that is not my business.” It is your business and my business as it relates to the messages she conveys to her viewers which is self-love, self-acceptance, self-worth and women’s empowerment. She is the complete antithesis of all those things, plus some. You can’t embody stereotypes and then decry them at the same time.

    Here are some petitions to take a look at and hopefully sign.



    Black women must stop supporting and embracing these Taren types who continue to perpetuate stereotypes that beset black women because her behaviors are not only harmful to that women but to black women at large.

    • I am not getting mad at anyone, just like you shared your opinion I shared mine. It is funny you all spend so much time trying to tear this woman down and take from her and her children, yet you all are crying she needs to worry about her kids. lol Ya’ll funny. Then them weak petitions. Chile please. Her message is true and it is helping women despite her not being the shining example you seem to think she needs to live up to.

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