290196_966522823958_521684209_oSo I do want to apologize again for the late posts, but ladies (and gents) honestly I am still learning how to dedicate and settle myself down to seriously pursue this hobby I desire to turn into a career. I know, I know! “How can I expect anything to come of this if I don’t do something with it? and “I am disappointing all of you by not doing right, but continuing to promise to do so!” Let me assure you I have heard and know your thoughts and I promise that for the New Year I do plan to get this nasty habit of procrastination under control. Hmmm…I might even blog about that too. lol

Another serious matter I want to address is the fact that some comments had been posted but were not visible nor did I respond to you. I am so sorry! Let me assure you this was not done purposely. See WordPress has this awesome (or so I thought) little section in the area where your comments are tracked that is entitled “spam” and I got very excited the first time I saw this section because I just KNEW it would work great and excellently. In fact I had so much trust in this little area I never explored it until tonight (wondering if I really sucked that bad that I did not have more comments or was perhaps the “spam” area untrustworthy after all). Well to my dismay after exploring this area I discovered some comments that were indeed not spam. I learned a valuable lesson today or actually I learned TWO valuable lessons. You truly can learn something new every day and that the spam area on WordPress does not know what it is doing. So thank you ladies for your comments and you have taught me much with those words. Plus you are the reason for the posts this evening. So kudos! Love comments!316164_983965653388_1888317051_n

On to other things I would also love some feedback regarding the new look: suggestions, comments, critics? Bring it on baby! I need to know! I want to please you, so help me please you please! Okay enough being silly. By request of my few followers as well as another one of my new subscribers who happens to be a little sister of mine (hey Shanny! =) I am now going to do more than just post once this evening. It felt incredible today to hear someone say to me “When are you going to post in your blog again?” I felt, to be honest, important. *sheepish look* It’s true though, then to follow that experience up with reading the new comments buried in spam I decided that I must prove myself to you ladies and stay true to my path. So again thank you all for the encouragement. I am going to post, post, and post tonight until my fingers start to bleed! =) So I hope that you enjoy.297311_974650745538_1831993454_n

329369_942694690728_1557777823_olQuickly before I bring on some reviews I want to also talk about products and naturals. You see one thing I have noticed in a lot of blog posts or even comments left on my Facebook page when I first announced I was going natural was the advent warning to not spend too much time or money on products. Of course people didn’t just come right out and scream this at me, rather there were those who advertised their personal favorites for me to try then added, but don’t waste your time on those other products. Or better yet, my favorites were those who tell you not to use a whole lot of products or try a lot of different products but would be sure to give a shout-out to their products suggesting you use theirs. See the pattern? The thing is EVERYONE is right! Yep, I said it. The fact of the matter is everyone is right because there are some of you curly naturals out there who do not need a lot of products and once you sample through those that catch your eye will settle on the few you like. Then there are those who will discover they LOVE what products do for their hair and will continue to try different ones out or just buy products because they love them. Either way neither curly is wrong. See that’s the beauty of this journey: you get to be you and do you to YOUR liking; doesn’t have to be to anyone else’s liking just as long as YOU are happy. In many ways that’s what this whole journey is about for many women, finding themselves and being true to who they are inside and out completely.

So do not feel pressured by me or anyone else to do anything in regards to products except what you feel is right for you! Remember also though to keep an open-mind and respect others’ opinions and thoughts as well and all will be well. Next article will be an Aphogee product review so please keep reading and for those returning thanks for coming back! =)

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