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398610_10150505194356284_225783061283_9091553_1433149697_nSo I find that I am in an inspired writing mood tonight plus I had a fabulous hair weekend with some reviews that are long overdue to post. My first reviews I am going to post tonight are in regards to hair typing. Until tonight when I decided to seriously research hair types I truly had NO clue as to what my hair type is. After careful, through reading I can now safely give you a few websites to visit to assist you in better understanding hair typing as well as the best sites that will help YOU in learning your hair type. I am also going to include a website that I felt was the most off based off of the other sites I visited and based off of the photos they supplied as samples. This is NOT to bash the site, but simply to assist you, my audience in your natural hair journey so that you stay encouraged and find this new lifestyle a little more easily. Unfortunately though I would like to say all information out there is accurate I have learned the hard way it is not so if I can share my mistakes with you then I consider that a mistake well earned.

 So to begin I learned this evening that I am a….


HAIR TYPE 4a! Yep. I am 98% sure that this is MY hair type and I am so proud, happy, and thoroughly satisfied to finally have this mystery figured out. Now I know there are many who say that hair typing is unnecessary, demeaning, and just a waste of time; however, the reason I find it useful is because it will help you not waste a lot of money as well as time trying methods that have already been proven not to work on our different, unique hair types. I mean one thing we all KNOW for sure is that there are different types of curly hair and different products work differently on different hair types. So though you don’t have to write a research paper or conduct extensive research on learning your type it can be a useful guide in your natural hair journey. I have included a picture of my type 4 hair to the right and over to left and slightly below you will find a picture of a close friend/sister of mine who is also natural. I believe that she is type 3 with some type 4a areas. Will be conducting a interview with her with more photos regarding her natural hair journey, so stay reading. I will be honest and say that this was not the most useful website I visited regarding hair typing, but it did assist in confirming what I had learned from other pages already. I also did not like the fact that the pictures never loaded for me, but other than that the information seemed to again correspond with the other sites I visited.   

This following website is my number 1 pick for learning about hair typing! I loved the vibrant page and pictures as well as how short, concise, and clear the information was. It was easy to understand and follow making it easy for anyone to quickly discover their hair type.Now just in case you are in need of just ONE more site to convince you that what you have learned is accurate I also visited the Urban Belle Mag Site. Now this is definitely my 2nd favorite hair typing website and it clearly confirms the previous link’s information (listed directly above) as well as the first link. The pictures are excellent and again clearly assist the reader with learning your own hair type.Natural-hair-type-gude1

 You can also Google Andre Walker, the creator of the hair typing system to learn more about hair typing if you so desire.

Natural-Hair-TypesNow as I mentioned previously I also visited a website which I felt was very misleading. Though the information appears to be on point and accurate with even a bit more information than the other sites I feel the pictures are seriously misleading. Perhaps this is just me, but I don’t want a lot of naturals to look at a picture and convince themselves that their natural hair is going to achieve something it’s NOT. Therefore it is important to post accurate, real pictures of the different types of hair so that we accurately expect the right and correct results. The truth is a lot of us on this natural hair journey gain our strength from pictures. These pictures encourage us; inspire hope, desire, and the burn to continue on knowing what is waiting for you at the finish line. Plus many of us are visual learners versus reading and reading and reading.

I do hope these links assist you in some way and if anyone has any other great websites to offer PLEASE do. The more knowledge the more power. Until well probably tonight…tooodles…. Also the hair chart added comes from a Google search not my own creation! 

All charts and photos not of a person were found via

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