Changes you may see…

You may be noticing some changes to some of my original posts and I just wanted to be kind enough to take a moment to let you all know that you are not crazy. I am indeed tidying some things up on my previous posts (ashamed to say, but some editing that SHOULD have been done before posting, but hey I’m human. Sue me.) and I have finally settled on the initial theme I would like to use. Now that I have a bit more free time on my hands I have decided to try investing some of my time earnestly into my blogs and see what my efforts reap.


I also wanted to talk briefly about some of my inspirations for this natural hair journey or rather some of the YouTube channels I frequent and websites where I gather my information. My reason for doing this is NOT to plug, but currently living in what I believe is considered the Mid-West we folks down here don’t get the good events or vloggers that we can actually consider meeting somewhere within the near first five years. This goes for anyone living in a small town, they or rather you all KNOW the frustration I am dealing with. So I have made it my personal mission to bring that “city vibe” to our country or small town roots, no matter how tempting or easy it may become for me to relocate to a dream destination I will NOT forget my roots and where I came from.


My first step in doing this is by trying to assist my smaller town people with some of the habits we have developed because of our lack of “city vibe.” There is so much research on the net and so many products that it does get extremely discouraging to want to continue the journey when you are the only person within a five mile radius wanting these products because you have this type of hair. And despite what the postal service may believe there ARE some of us who do hate the internet but must thank it also because otherwise we would never have a chance to even see these products let alone actually use them and would not get them if not for the good ole USPS. With these things in mind I have also noticed that in small towns if people don’t see quick results we tend to quickly rush on to the next thing to get our next big hit, to quench that thirst we have. The truth is though we have nothing else to occupy our time while we do our “wait” period, nothing to distract us. Whereas in the big cities you have everything from freaking support groups to events like crazy with free products to boot! I know, it’s crazy! So to assist with this habit I have narrowed down some of the issues that may help with that wait period, at least for the first three months (still working on the other nine).


First due to there being so many people and products I am going to assist with narrowing down the credible sites that are useful for me (sites where I have actually USED the information on the site and found it useful as well as worth the time, effort, and if there is cost, then cost). I will also give a shout-out to my personal favorite vloggers because you know that’s just a gimmie. Come on….you knew that was coming. Seriously though it will be vloggers I feel truly do explain processes in a manner that even dummies like me can get it and those with hair types that are similar to many of those that I have seen around the area in which I stay (but I am sure many of you out there will find something listed useful). This way you do not have to waste your time getting bummed out by useful, repetitive information and get right to the good stuff. I know, thank me later. I will also list stores around the smaller areas that sell products and which ones with cost as frequently as possible as well as sites ordered from and delivery time. Basically I will be your personal tour guide to natural hair “city vibe” style. Not sure where we are headed so that should make it even more fun because who doesn’t like surprises.


So again stay tuned…next post will be useful. 😉 

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