“I’m posting everyday in 2011, or at least starting in October…” hehehe

I have decided to join the Daily Post goal for the year 2011 (or at least what’s left of it) off of the insipiration and suggestion of a fellow blogger and my best friend. I have had writer’s block now for over five years and this past year I have made many changes in my life in various aspects. These changes have led to breaking down many barriers I have had in my life for many years now and seems to have killed my writer’s block of the past five years. After emailing my friend a list of goals I had placed together (as I had been wanting to do and was demanded to do by this friend) she tagged me in some posts on Facebook and one of the posts included an article about The DailyPost and the novel contest for the month of November. I have decided to follow her suite and join in on this adventure of creativity, writing, inspiration, and imignation leaving me quite excited about this new start in my life. I have always wanted to write and one of my goals in life is to become a great freelance writer. I know, I know! Many have this desire and secret dream, but I do believe that I am a little different and that special someone who has the ability to see this dream through. Hopefully others will agree as you hopefully follow me through this blog. So starting this evening I begin my writing quest and hopefully it is everything I imagined and more! (I think I used hopefully enough to emphasis how hopeful I am). 😉

Thanks Kiki! =)

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